PXL-Music – Pop&Rock Ausbildung in Belgien

  • Datum: Dienstag, 16.03.2021 (Education)
  • Uhrzeit: 16:05 – 16:25 Uhr
  • Raum: ZOOM – Aula
  • FormatPortrait


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PXL-Music will share their inspirations for the design of music education. As a result of Covid-19 they were forced to rethink education and he introduced the mixed learning model that increased the motivation and engagement of students and teachers.

Gert Stinckens is the head of the department of PXL-Music, a School of Arts at the University College PXL in Belgium. PXL-Music provides higher education in music, music engineering and music management. PXL-Music contains all the elements that the contemporary pop and rock world is about. Daring, innovation, coincidence, playing with the moment, insight, feeling, boundlessness, history, spirit … in short, rock ‘n roll. Keywords that we use in all areas of the study program. Our tutors, students, former students, the environment and the cloud: they are permeated by this way to life.


  • Gert Stinckens

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